Alarming Stats: 1 in 2 British children feel low confidence due to their teeth’s appearance

A new study by oral health brand Aquafresh has revealed how the societal pressure of having the “perfect” Hollywood smile affects children’s self-esteem.

The study, which included 2000 parents and children aged 4-11, found that nearly 1 in 2 British children have experienced low confidence because of how their
teeth look.

More than 80 per cent of children reported feeling less confident with their smile due to missing teeth (20 per cent), teeth not being “white” (20 per cent), wonky
teeth (19 per cent), and gappy teeth (13 per cent).

An additional 36 per cent have experienced embarrassment when smiling or laughing because of their dental appearance.

The pressure for perfect teeth not only affects children but it’s also a concerning issue for parents.