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Medusa Extracts strives on sourcing the best selection of cannabis and magic mushroom products. From top-shelf marijuana, shrooms, edibles and concentrates available for our members. Over 8 years of industry... Read More

Our mission at Medusa Extracts is to strive for excellence and setting the needs of our local members. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to quality, all of our... Read More

Medusa Extracts – Golden Teacher Shrooms

The Medusa Promise. We do accept bitcoin payments. Bitcoin is a virtual currency that helps facilitate e-commerce transactions around the world while helping to keep buyers and sellers anonymous and... Read More

Medusa Extracts – About Magic Mushrooms

Welcome to Medusa Extracts, which legally offered our services in Canada. Over 8 years of industry experience from our team of professionals. We can only ship within Canada. Visit Medusa... Read More