Deep and thorough carpet cleaning to eliminate harmful bacteria

It’s amazing the difference a professional carpet clean can make. Endless foot traffic and spilled food or drinks in the office can soon have a carpet looking worse for wear.

An accumulation of dirt and grime will eventually become attached to carpet fibres, weakening them until they all but wear down or get vacuumed away.

This is why so many commercial carpets soon look thin and tattered.

A visit from expert carpet cleaners Perth will not only have your Perth business feeling fresh and smelling great, but also make sure your space is hygienic.

Why do I need carpet cleaning?
Regular carpet cleaning helps to eliminate the risk of mould, mildew and other harmful bacteria – keeping employees productive, happy and healthy!

The Neatcom team of carpet cleaners Perth use steam for the deepest extraction of dirt and other contaminants.

Steam cleaning goes beyond the surface and kills entrenched germs and bacteria, lifting stains that seem impossible to remove and providing far superior results to other carpet cleaning methods.

We recommend thorough steam cleaning of your business’s carpets at least every 6 months. Even if they appear fine, the constant traipsing of all kinds of materials from outside will breed bacteria under the surface. Beyond the health benefits, a regular steam clean will also increase the longevity of your carpet.

At Neatcom, we believe in a greener future, and our Perth carpet cleaners use non-toxic, eco-friendly products and sustainable practices for waste disposal.