Five Effects of Alcohol You May Not Know About

Many of us drink alcohol on a regular basis, and when it comes to the weekend many of us have been known to overindulge a little.

For the most part we understand the dangers of alcohol. We have an understanding that it can damage our liver, exacerbate mental health conditions and lead to
addiction, with private alcohol treatment one of the few pathways to recovery.

However, there are also many other effects that we may not be quite as familiar with, but it is important to know about them, particularly if you are a heavy
drinker. Among some of the more common effects you may not be aware of, include…

Disruption of REM Sleep
Often we think alcohol gives us a better night’s sleep, knocking us out for the count. However, while it does aid falling asleep, the quality of that sleep is
significantly harmed. It disrupts the normal sleep cycle by reducing the time spent in rapid eye movement sleep, a stage that is important for memory
consolidation and cognitive function.

This sleep is less restorative and is why we often feel groggy and tired the following day.