Gender Selection In Dubai | Family Balancing In Dubai

Want a balanced family? Opt for IVF-based gender selection in Dubai. Consult Dr. Partha to know how you can have children of both genders through family balancing in Dubai.
Most of us dream of having a family of at least two kids. But a “balanced family” is when the children of the family are of both genders. If you already have a son or daughter, you would want to balance your family with another child of the opposite gender. It is through IVF treatment and Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) that family balancing treatment can be done. You don’t need to have an infertility problem to opt for IVF tests or procedures. You can always opt for IVF- PGT to detect chromosomal problems, avoid miscarriages, or as in this case, balance your family.

Infertility clinic offer this special service only to those couples who already have a child or children.