Getting To Know The Most Notable Running Overhead Crane Options

In terms of buying an overhead crane, one of the primary questions individuals have is often whether an under running or top running overhead crane system would be the smart choice for operations. You can find overhead crane systems in also sorts of different configurations available, but deciding whether or not to select a top running or under running design is a key decision. Some of the questions you need to answer to find out which overhead crane system would be best include:

• Will the current support structure in your facility be utilized or will a whole new support structure need to be constructed?

• What is the maximum capacity of loads your small business handles?

• Does your facility possess existing runways that may be repurposed for a new crane system installation?

• How much overhead room have you got available? Is headroom limited because of light fixtures, water pipes, ductwork, existing cranes, etc.?

• How high under your control need to lift loads?

• Is clear floor space important for some operations with your facility?

Now let's discuss some of the features and benefits of top running overhead cranes. Such cranes require installing a set track or rail system on each runway beam. The cranes may be configured into double girder bridge or single girder bridge designs. A double girder design adopts top running trolley and hoists, while single girder bridge designs use underhung trollies and hoists.

The lifting capacity of top running overhead cranes will not be limited and they can be created to lift small capacity and further-large capacity loads from 250kg to 250 tons. Since the cranes are supported by steel support columns or existing concrete steel building support structures, there are perfect for moving very heavy loads.

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