How did a judge become a judge

There are many courts in our country like High Court, Supreme Court in which the judge is an important part of the court. The judge is that person in the court who, if makes even a slight mistake in taking a decision, can give severe punishment to any innocent person, that is why the post of judge is the most honorable and dignified post which is very difficult to get. But still, if hard work and dedication is done in the right direction, then any person can be appointed as a judge in the High Court. For this, the candidate has to study law.

If your dream is also to become a judge in the future and provide true justice to the people, then today through this blog post, we will tell you what is a judge? What qualifications are required to become a judge? And we will provide detailed information about the entire process of becoming a judge. That is why you have to read this blog post of our website till the end without leaving the post, so without taking much of your time, let’s start-