International fashion agency Deepwear

Deepwear was founded by Thoray in 2007, after being part of several successful ventures in the contemporary apparel market and developing a taste for sourcing and manufacturing outside of the industry’s conventional ways. He has been active in all of Europe, Asia and around the entire world, which he sees as one global country.

Thoray was born in Mozambique, Africa, to a gracious Belgium mother and a Mozambican father, a freedom fighter guerrilla commander, who played a crucial role in the independence and building of the country. His adventures start from birth, having been raised between Africa and various countries of Western /Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Thoray, working from the age of 13 years old and being self-educated, led him to become a pure autodidact. He has travelled the world, lived in 11 different countries and today he speaks 8 languages fluently, in addition to being a lecturer at RMIT University, teaching his progressive technique of sourcing and production to new generations.