Long Range RFID System | RFID Tag in Vehicles

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, it is a wireless technology based on radio wave signals that automatically detects and identifies the objects. Commonly, an RFID system is composed of antenna, minuscule tag and reader. It is eminently used to manage and regulate parking lots and enables seamless movement of vehicles during peak traffic hours.

PARKnSECURE Long range RFID readers are ideal for hands-free commercial and residential vehicle access. Long range readers can easily be integrated with existing access control systems. Readers and Tags are the two components of the system, using them with the rest of our access control products makes it really easy to only let selected people in and out of a property. All you need to do is equip the car with an RFID Tag and the RFID Reader can let them in. Long range readers can also be used to track the movement of the vehicles and identification of equipment such as containers or storage bins.

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