Making sustainability profitable – Exclusive insights from the Director of Priory Pharmacy

Sustainability also brings financial benefits to businesses. This has been proven by Prabjaudt Singh Channa, Director of Priory Pharmacy.

Prabjaudt is a proud winner of the Sustainable Pharmacy of the Year 2023, awarded by Pharmacy Business in association with Teva UK. Prabjaudt thanked the award
organisers for acknowledging the importance of sustainability within the sector and for recognising his modest endeavours to reduce environmental impact and
safeguard future generations.

“I just felt really happy and proud of this recognition because originally when I set myself down on this path, I didn’t really think anyone would be that bothered
about the small changes that we were trying to make and the impact,” says Prabjaudt.

In addition to his family’s background in the field, his passion for chemistry also drove him to pursue a career in pharmacy. He finds being a pharmacy contractor
enjoyable because it allows him to be flexible, pursue various interests and shape his professional path.