Natural wellness brand Brown’s CBD reveals UK’s top CBD hotspots: Dundee ranks no.1

A recent study, conducted by CBD experts at Brown’s CBD, unveiled Dundee as the UK’s leading CBD hotspot, with an average monthly search volume
of 530.29 per 100,000 residents, sparking a surge of interest in natural wellness solutions.

New research analysed search volume data across UK cities for CBD-related terms, reflecting a staggering 1100% increase in searches for ‘what is CBD’ over
the last decade.

Following Dundee, Brighton secures the second spot in the rankings with an average monthly search volume of 530.08 per 100,000 residents for CBD related
terms, closely trailed by St. Albans in third place.

Other notable cities making the top ranks include Gloucester, Hereford, and Bath, indicating a widespread curiosity about CBD products and their purported
health benefits.