Next Generation Contact Lenses and Visual Prostheses Market, 2019-2030

Roots Analysis is pleased to announce the publication of its recent study, titled, “Next Generation Contact Lenses and Visual Prostheses Market, 2019-2030.”

Key Inclusions
 A detailed review of the landscape of novel ophthalmic products, highlighting the different categories of contact lenses and visual prostheses (bionic eye technologies) developed / being developed by various players across the world. It features information on the purpose of development (therapeutic, drug delivery, and diagnosis / monitoring), current development status, target indication(s), type of product, type of organization (industry or non-industry) and location of company headquarters.
 An analysis of the key promotional strategies that have been adopted by the developers of marketed products, namely ChromaGen™, CUSTOMFLEX® ARTIFICIALIRIS, EYEMATE®, Hyper-CL™, Implantable Miniature Telescope and SENSIMED Triggerfish®.
 Brief profiles of the novel technologies that are being developed to expand the functionality of contact lenses; each profile features an overview of the technology, along with details on its working mechanism, information on application areas, type of products, key benefits, technical specifications and important details related to the developer company.
 An in-depth analysis of the various patents granted / filed related to next generation contact lenses and visual prostheses since 2013, highlighting the prevalent and emerging related to the innovation in this domain. The analysis takes into consideration the type of patent, regional applicability, CPC classification, emerging focus areas, leading industry / non-industry players (in terms of the number of patents filed / granted), and patent valuation.

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