Pharmacy Business Conference 2024 envisions the pharmacy of tomorrow

The 8th Pharmacy Business Conference, organised by Pharmacy Business, unfolded a dynamic narrative around the theme of ‘Pharmacy of Tomorrow’, highlighting
the trajectory of innovation, adaptation, and the evolving landscape of pharmaceutical services.

Attended by over 200 pharmacy owners, industry leaders, and stakeholders, the conference served as a medium for robust discussions and the exchange of valuable
insights regarding the future of community pharmacy.

Amidst the persistent challenges posed by an underfunded reimbursement system and negotiations with governmental bodies and the NHS for the new community pharmacy
contractual framework 2024/25, the conference pivoted towards investing in staff, adapting to change by investing in new technology, and optimising commissioning
as pivotal strategies.

“Pharmacy professionals are playing increasingly important clinical roles in both primary and secondary care,” shared David Webb, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer
(CPO), NHS in a video message.

He highlighted the NHS’s commitment to empowering community pharmacy, with plans to expand services and deprescribe to align with the NHS’s focus on preventive