Pharmacy Inquiry: PDA pushes for government attention to community pharmacists’ wellbeing

The Professional Pharmacists Association (PDA) has demanded efforts to secure greater support and recognition for community pharmacists from governmental

In its written evidence provided to the Health and Social Care select committee’s pharmacy inquiry, the PDA raised concerns about the well-being of pharmacists,
specifically for those who belong to minority ethnic groups and race and are subjected to bullying, harassment, and ill-treatment.

The association highlighted issues in the workplace that impact pharmacists’ health and well-being, including chronic understaffing, sub-standard working
environments, an absence of protected training time, and experiences of racism, violence, and abuse.

Parallel to the PDA’s advocacy, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) is intensifying calls for prioritising workforce wellbeing within the pharmacy domain.
Stressing the pivotal role of workforce retention in addressing current challenges, RPS emphasises the need for robust support mechanisms and equitable access
to mental health services.