Salesforce Admin Training in Pune – The Kiran Academy 2024

Salesforce is essentially an updated term for customer relationship management (CRM), a critical component for organizations to deliver reliable customer service and gather feedback to enhance their offerings. Traditionally, CRM systems were hosted on the company's servers, following conventional practices. However, this approach proved to be stressful for companies due to the high operational time and costs involved.

Setting up CRM servers equipped with reliable features and options for customers often cost millions of dollars. Additionally, these systems were challenging for ordinary employees to use, requiring professional services for effective operation.

Salesforce emerged as an ideal solution to these issues. It is completely online and cloud-based, eliminating the need for on-premises servers and long-term contracts with professionals. Today, Salesforce is the fifth largest software company in the world. Companies can now use Salesforce with a subscription fee, making it accessible and easier to manage.