Top 15 employee benefits & perks for 2021

Almost all top organizations agree that people are their most valuable assets. What they fail to realize is that for today’s employees, salaries are more of a threshold than a scorecard or checklist. In fact, there are many more effective and efficient ways to keep your talent happy and engaged. Employee benefits and perks remain a major window for most companies, who aren’t taking full advantage of the appeal of non-monetary profit for most employees.

A recent industry study revealed that 48% of employees would weigh company benefits and perks, including the availability of snacks, in their decision to find their next job. This is also true when working with temporary employees since these perks/benefits will more than likely determine if they stay after the assignment is done.

But what company perks really matter to the employees? If salaries don’t always move the needle forward, what does? The answers might surprise you…

Using data from a recent Glassdoor survey, we’ve compiled a list of the best employee benefits and perks that propose the biggest bang for your buck into the infographic below.

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