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Established in 2015, CodeRower is a leading IT consulting and development company delivering Digital Transformation services helping clients worldwide accelerate business in domains like Enterprise Development, Mobile/Web Apps, Automation, Digital Communities, AI and Analytics and more.

CodeRower is an industry-leading technology partner. We have a culture of innovation, uniquely designed to imagine and build mobile applications and custom software for the future. Let's build something together!

Our work is a cornucopia of emerging tech and digital transformation. We're also recognized by top research firms.

CodeRower offers a complete suite of application and software development services, and we would love to partner with you.

▶ Strategy

Innovation: Creating transformational new digital products (mobile & web) at the intersection of market opportunity, customer experience, and emerging technology.
Augmentation: Accelerating your team through skill set augmentation including development, QA/testing, data analytics, UX/UI, and product management.
Modernization: Re-architecting legacy technology for better speed, scale, security, and user experience.
Digitalization: Building intelligent and low-friction digital solutions to automate manual and inefficient business processes.

▶ Solutions

AI Development
API Development
Custom Software Development
DevOps Managed Services
Generative AI
Mobile App Development
Other Application Development
UX/UI Design
Web Development
Product Testing
Cloud & Product Maintenance
Enterprise Software

100+ companies accelerate their tech roadmaps with us. Let's assemble your team.

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