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what is Instagram Marketing

what is Instagram Marketing

Submitted by • October 7, 2020

Instagram has taken the world by storm since its launch in 2010. It seems like everybody is on the stage, along with their puppy. The U.S. has 130 million Instagram users. Behind Facebook, Instagram is the second most-viewed network. On average, users browse for 53 minutes a day. On Instagram, at least 25 million company profiles exist. Instagram is no longer just for personal use, be it for you or your dog. It is now a global forum that makes it possible for brands to humanize their content, employ new talent, highlight goods, and empower their audience. Approximately 60 percent of the active users of the website visit the site daily, and 21 percent say they update it weekly. Instagram can also help you grow the popularity of your brand and launch fresh items. Based on what they learned on the site, 80% of Instagram users have made a purchase. Instagram helps you to advertise your brand and services to your customers in a fun, honest way without hard selling.

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