Who is the President | How is the President elected

There are many political posts in our country. Everyone should know about them. But the first citizen of our country is called the President. That is why it is necessary for all of you to know about the President. So that people can know the importance of the President. In our country, the entire work is done by the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. But still the President has his own reputation. If you are interested in knowing about the President. So below we have given you complete information about Rashtrapati kon hota hai? Rashtrapati ka chunav kaise hota hai? So that all of you can get this information.

The President is the chief executive in name only. But all the important decisions of our country are taken by the Prime Minister. We are bringing this information to you so that today’s youth who are not aware of all these things. This information can reach them. How does work happen in the country we live in? It is very important for all of us to know this. If you people do not know how the President gets appointed? So today in this article we are telling you all in detail about Who is the president? How is the president elected? etc. For more information, read this article till the end.