Why Patient Education in Eye Care Is Important

Patients want to be active partners in their healthcare decisions – and eye care is no exception. Patient education is vital for understanding diagnoses,
treatment options, and the importance of preventative care. When patients understand what’s happening with their health, they’re far more likely to follow their
treatment plan and see good results. Here’s a deeper look at why patient education matters.

Patient-Centered Care: The Key to Success
The Institute of Medicine emphasizes the importance of patient-centered care. This means involving patients in decision-making and providing them with the
necessary education for informed choices. This approach is even more crucial in eye care, where conditions can lead to irreversible blindness.

The Need for Patient Education
Research shows that many patients crave educational materials from their eye care providers, but many don’t receive them. This leaves patients searching for
information on their own, potentially turning to unreliable sources. Clear, accessible patient education is vital in ensuring understanding and treatment
adherence.For instance, patient education is crucial in preventing diseases like glaucoma. The more informed patients are, the more chances they will
discover early signs of disease by taking OCT test for glaucoma.