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Industrial Panel PC size from 7inch to 32inch

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Dry Mortar Production Line, Wall Putty Manufacturing Machine

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The luxury peacock spreads its tail stone originates from Brazil. Its pattern resembles the dancing feathers of a peacock, as bright as the starry night sky, adding sense of mystery... Read More

Fendi Blue Marble is a luxurious natural stone that comes from Italy, known for its stunning blue, brown, white and elegant veining. This luxury stone can be cut into slabs,... Read More

Gaya green marble is a kind of natural luxury stone that comes from Brazil, it has forest green background tones and delicate water veinings, filled with natural wildness and flowing... Read More

Noir Grand Antique marble attracts countless eyeballs with its deep black background tone and majestic white veinings. This precious luxury stone not only has unique visual charm but excels in... Read More

Fendi white marble is a type of luxury stone with dark, typically grey, veining. It is known for its distinctive veining patterns, which can vary from subtle to bold, creating... Read More

Material:Natural Stone Luxury Marble Color:Multicolor Size: 1) Slab:2600upx1300up , 2400upx1200up,2800upx1600up,etc. 2) flooring tiles and wall cladding: 600x600, 600x300, 610x610, 305x305, 900x600, etc Thickness:10mm; 12mm; 15mm; 18mm; 20mm; 25mm; etc,Customized are also welcomed Surface Finishing:Polished, honed,etc Payment Term: T/T,... Read More

Material: Luxury stone Dunhuang Impression Origin: Brazil Color: Beige Surface finish: polished, honed,etc. Application: Indoor decoration, bathroom, kitchen, bathroom, table, staircase,vanity, wall and floor in mansions, villas,... Read More